George Cox is a fifth-generation British shoe maker, known for its ‘Creepers,’ which have become synonymous with the punk movement thanks to icons like Malcolm McLaren and The Sex Pistols. Today, the shoes transcend fashion; they’re part of a lifestyle and not merely a design statement.

The company was established in 1906 by brewery worker George James Cox as a side business. It was his son, George Hamilton Cox, who took the company into the fashion business in the years after WWII, targeting what was then a new consumer group, the teenagers.

The Creeper style was introduced as ‘The Hamilton’ in 1949, and it became the chosen footwear of Britain’s first mass youth cult, the Teddy Boys. Yet, it was Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols, who forged the link between the iconic style and punk rock.

To this day, all George Cox shoes are proudly made in the UK with the same attention to details and craftsmanship as more than a century ago.